Cinema Star Ellie reviews Switched

Rating: 5 out of 5.

CinemaStars review of Switched!

CinemaStar Ellie reviews Amazon Prime Video’s Switched as part of our Easter viewing series!

“Switched is a really enjoyable, fun movie to sit and enjoy with family and friends!

My favourite character is Sarah Evans as she gives great advice and is just a really understanding and helpful character.

I enjoyed when Cassandra and Katie switch back and pursue their dream independently, but also with the help of each other.

The think the moral of the story is that no matter what “group” you’re apart of, or what background you come from everyone can learn to have empathy for one another. Everyone should be accepted for who they are no matter if they are the complete opposite of you.

Kids will love this film, it’s suitable and enjoyable for all and I believe it is a family movie night must try!”

Catch the film on Amazon Prime Video now!

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