Top Films in Lockdown

We know how hard 2020 has been with the pandemic. Lockdowns are in effect everywhere. But being stuck indoors doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve got the perfect list of movies you could enjoy at the comfort of your home.



Synopsis: Two elven brothers embark on a quest to bring their father back for one day.

Cast: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt

Where to watch: Disney+


Trolls World Tour

Synopsis: When the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls tries to take over all the Troll kingdoms, Queen Poppy and her friends try different ways to save all the Trolls.

Cast: Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake

Where to watch: Prime Video, Hulu



Synopsis: Scooby and the gang face their most challenging mystery ever: a plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. As they race to stop this dogpocalypse, the gang discovers that Scooby has an epic destiny greater than anyone imagined.

Cast: Will Forte, Zac Efron, Amanda Seyfried, Gina Rodrguez

Where to watch: Prime Video


Artemis Fowl

Synopsis: Artemis Fowl, a young criminal prodigy, hunts down a secret society of fairies to find his missing father.

Cast: Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, Josh Gad, Colin Farrell

Where to watch: Disney+


Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe

Synopsis:The famed stepbrother inventors know what they’re gonna do today. They’re gonna rescue their sister from an alien abduction.

Cast: Vincent Martella, Ashley Tisdale, David Errigo Jr.

Where to watch: Disney+


The One And Only Ivan

Synopsis: A gorilla named Ivan tries to piece together his past with the help of an elephant named Ruby as they hatch a plan to escape from captivity.

Cast: Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Angelina Jolie

Where to watch: Disney+


Enola Holmes

Synopsis: When Enola Holmes-Sherlock’s teen sister-discovers her mother missing, she sets off to find her, becoming a super-sleuth in her own right as she outwits her famous brother and unravels a dangerous conspiracy around a mysterious young Lord.

Cast: Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, Sam Claflin

Where to watch: Netflix


The Witches

Synopsis: A young boy and his grandmother have a run-in with a coven of witches and their leader.

Cast: Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci

Where to watch: HBO Max


Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Synopsis: An imaginary world comes to life in a holiday tale of an eccentric toymaker, his adventurous granddaughter, and a magical invention that has the power to change their lives forever.

Cast: Forest Whitaker, Keegan-Michael Key

Where to watch:  Netflix


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